Visual German: A platform that utilizes visual memory to more effectively learn and remember German noun genders

“Visual German” is a free learning platform created by two language enthusiasts whose goal is to help alleviate the struggle of learning German noun genders.

Visual German: A platform that utilizes visual memory to more effectively learn and remember German noun genders

An accurate knowledge of noun genders is a critical component of German grammar, so Visual German was created to be a fun and effective tool for assisting people in their language learning journey.

A unique - and more importantly free - platform has just launched online. It has the potential to immediately improve users’ grammar through visual absorption of German nouns and their associated genders.

Studies have shown that the use of visual materials, such as pictures and real objects, plays an important role in language learning. A study by Yuli Yeh and Chai-Wei Wang investigated the differences among three types of vocabulary annotations and found that a “visual-verbal” approach (Image + Text) was the most effective type of annotation for the retention of vocabulary. 

This is one of the reasons Visual German decided to emphasize colorful imagery as a learning tool - so people can spend less time “studying” German and more time having fun with it. The long term benefits of learning the appropriate noun genders include not only a more robust vocabulary, but also a stronger command of German grammar.

Things that make the “Visual German” platform an effective tool for vocabulary acquisition and grammar improvement:

  • Color-coded illustrations that promote memory of noun genders
  • Emphasis on learning the most commonly used German nouns
  • Freely accessible to all demographics
  • Filters to sort and learn only specific categories
  • Quizzes to solidify and test your knowledge

”I am a visual person and have found it incredibly difficult to remember all of the noun genders while learning German”, said Kristiana, one of Visual German’s co-founders, “I couldn’t find a useful tool that worked well with my learning style, so I decided to create my own!”

Long term plans include: growing the noun database, advancing the quiz technology, implementing account functionality to track progress, and utilizing spaced repetition to optimize the user’s learning experience.

Start improving your German grammar today by visiting our German nouns library.

About Visual German 

Founded by two language enthusiasts divided by the Pacific Ocean, Jason and Kristiana, who met under seemingly random circumstances and had both experienced the many pleasures and hardships of learning German. They teamed up and embarked on a journey to improve the language learning process by tapping into one’s natural ability to learn and remember things through visual means.

How our platform works

Our goal is to create a tool that utilizes visual memory techniques to allow people to more effectively learn German noun genders.
feminine “die” nouns are red
masculine “der” nouns are blue
neuter “das” nouns are green
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