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500 Common German Nouns | Work in Progress

Here you will find a list of 500 frequently-used German nouns that are currently being illustrated for the noun gender library.
female “die” nouns are red
male “der” nouns are blue
neuter “das” nouns are green

Although these German nouns don't yet have a picture, they are still among the most frequently occurring words in the German language. Exposure to them will help you learn some of the most useful words that are found in both spoken and written German.

Can I test the nouns I've learned?

Yes, head to Quiz page. Currently, we only support testing one category at a time. This is a self-funded project by fellow German language enthusiasts, so if you want to support new site features, consider donating or sharing the site with a friend!

Will you add my favorite word to the site?

You can get an appropriate word of your choosing added by supporting us here.

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