die Zeiten

die Zeit
is a
In English, this word means "

The plural form is "
die Zeiten
", meaning "

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die Zeit


German compound noun examples with "die Zeit"

Below is a collection of some of the most common German compound nouns with "die Zeit". By learning these together with noun's gender, you'll maximise your German vocabulary in no time!

die Freizeit - the leisure time

By combining the noun "die Zeit" with an adjective "frei", you get a new noun "die Freizeit". This means "leisure time".

die Zeit + frei = die Freizeit, learn German Compound nouns
"die Zeit" plus "frei" makes "die Freizeit"

der Zeitpunkt - moment, timing

By combining two nouns - "die Zeit" and "der Punkt", you can make "moment" or "timing" nouns, which in German are - "der Zeitpunkt".

die Zeit + der Punkt = der Zeitpunkt, learn German Compound nouns
"die Zeit" plus "der Punkt" makes "der Zeitpunkt"

Der Zeitgeist - there isn't one exact translation in English

By combining "die Zeit" with "der Geist" you get "der Zeitgeist". This doesn't have an exact translation in English, but it means the spirit or mood of a particular time period as defined by that eras belief system.

die Zeit + der Geist = der Zeitgeist, learn German Compound nouns
"die Zeit" plus "der Geist" makes "der Zeitgeist"

Der Zeitraum - the time period

By combining "die Zeit" with a fellow noun "der Raum", you create "der Zeitraum" - this means "the time period" in German.

die Zeit + der Raum = der Zeitraum, learn German Compound nouns
"die Zeit" plus "der Raum" makes "der Zeitraum"

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