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Learn the most frequently occurring German nouns. Use visual learning to more easily remember German noun genders. Click the Quiz button to test your skills!

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feminine “die” nouns are red
masculine “der” nouns are blue
neuter “das” nouns are green
most common German nouns
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German noun genders lookup

We found textbooks to be an incredibly ineffective resource for learning German noun genders, so we created this visual library to aid other aspiring German language learners in their pursuit of fluency.

Studies have shown that the use of visual devices, such as pictures and real objects, improves one's ability to recall information. By studying the color-coded nouns above, you significantly improve your chances of remembering not only the most common German nouns, but also the genders associated with them.


When will you publish new nouns?

We plan to regularly publish new German nouns. Join us on our social media channels to receive notifications of new releases:

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Yes, head to Quiz page. Currently, we only support testing one category at a time. This is a self-funded project by fellow German language enthusiasts, so if you want to support new site features, consider donating or sharing the site with a friend!

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You can get an appropriate word of your choosing added by supporting us here.

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