Feminine German Nouns

Learn noun genders and improve grammar!

Learn some of the most common German female nouns and their plural forms!
female “die” nouns are red
male “der” nouns are blue
neuter “das” nouns are green

Knowing German noun genders is an important part of being able to construct German sentences accurately. A good understanding of them gives you the ability to properly conjugate adjectives, articles, and much more. Unfortunately, most of the genders need to be learned "auswendig" (by heart), but there are a couple of useful tricks you can use when you need to make a guess. Here are some common groups that have a neuter gender (warning - there are exceptions, natürlich):

Names of trees and flowers: die Blume, die Rose, die Eiche, die Eibe | the flower, the rose, the oak, the yew

*Careful* - While most of the tree names are feminine, it is "der Baume" (the tree).

Female people: die Tochter, die Schwester, die Mutter | the daughter, the sister, the mother

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