High-Frequency Nouns

Learn the Most Common German Words

"Learn the most common 500 words in German and you will understand 70% of the content that you see." I'm sure you have all seen quotes like that before with varying word counts and percentages, but is that really true?

The answer might objectively be yes, but the reality is you need a lot of time and exposure with a language before you can comfortably understand those words in context. Despite that, learning the most frequently occurring words allows you to begin building your vocabulary by osmosis with authentic content much earlier. Below, you will find a collection of some of the most common nouns in the German language. Don't forget to learn them with their gender!

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Yes, head to Quiz page. Currently, we only support testing one category at a time. This is a self-funded project by fellow German language enthusiasts, so if you want to support new site features, consider donating or sharing the site with a friend!

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